Wednesday, November 3, 2010


1. Which stage does the following occur
Chromatin condenses into chromosomes Prophase
Chromosomes align in center of cell. Metaphase
Longest part of the cell cycle. Interphase
Nuclear envelope breaks down. Prometaphase
Cell is cleaved into two new daughter cells. Anaphase
Daughter chromosomes arrive at the poles. Telophase

2. The colored chromosomes represent chromatids. There are two of each color because one is an exact duplicate of the other.

--How many chromosomes are visible at the beginning of mitosis? Eight

-- How many are in each daughter cell at the end of mitosis? Four

--The little green T shaped things on the cell are: Centrioles

-- What happens to the centrioles during mitosis? They move to separate ends of the cell so that each new daughter cell will have one.

3 . Identify the stages of these cells:

Prometaphase Cytokinesis Prophase

View the animation and sketch the cell in:


The centrioles move to opposite sides of the cell.


Spindle fibers attach to chromosomes.


The cell splits into two daughter cells.

You will have 36 cells to classify. When you’re finished, record your data in the chart below.


Number of cells


Percent of cells

(calculate: number of cells divided by total cells x 100 )

56%28%8%5%3%100 %

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